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Yasmin Ouberri

Consultant for Project & Grant Management

About Me

Yasmin Ouberri is an experienced consultant in the field of international project development and project management, with a special focus on the MENA region. She is passionate about unleashing the potential of young activists, social entrepreneurs, and local communities.
Therefore, she focuses on supporting civil society actors within changing societies to strengthen inclusive civic engagement, facilitate knowledge exchange, and build sustainable capacity in the areas of financial literacy and project management.


The services offered are structured according to the project cycle. Therefore, please read below about the concrete advice to be provided before, during, and after a project. Whether it is support with conceptualizing and project planning, project implementation, and funding regulations or regarding accounting and reporting duties at the end of a project.

Before a project

Nurturing project ideas into concepts and fostering the art of proposal writing.

Throughout a project

Shaping supportive structures for a project to grow sustainably throughout its cycle.

After a project

It’s all about numbers – Tailored financial literacy for various funding frameworks.


In case you are interested in support before, during or after your project, please use the contact form below and leave a short description of your consultancy request. I will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for submitting!

Supported Partners


"Our work with Yasmin Ouberri was smooth, efficient, and integral. The communication was always on time, Yasmin never hesitated to answer additional questions, and she gives clear and concrete instructions and explanations. Yasmin has a wide range of experience in her field and always makes sure to provide accurate and actual information and does so in a way easy to understand for everyone."

Egle Kryzanauskaite,

Project Officer for Tandem 360°,

MitOst e.V.

“The work of Yasmin Ouberri has helped tremendously before, during, and when wrapping a project. Her meticulous eye for detail and deep knowledge of all administrative aspects of project management rendered her indispensable. Combined with her sound work ethic and a dry sense of humor, she will prove a fantastic addition to any team.”

Florian Guckelsberger,

Project Manager Candid Journalism Grant,

Candid Foundation GmbH

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